Apr 13 2017

Idid a 90 minute interview with Keith Burgun ofClockwork bepaly官网平Game Designandbepaly官网平Game Design Theoryfame.We talked about all sorts of things — my emulation cabinet,the state of bepaly官网平game design theory,naturally occurring ludic systems — and argued towards the end over whether a games are made of games.There's a shoutout towards Katharine Neil's recent work,especiallyher wonderful articlegiving the history of late 90s/early 2000s attempts to codify bepaly官网平game design practices.

You can listen here:Game Grammar and bepaly官网平Game Design Theory – Intervbepaly在线iew with Raph Koster – keithburgun.net

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Apr 10 2017

Itweeted about these,but neglected to mention them here on the blog,so here's a roundup!

First up is my favorite,this video by Zoyander Street ofCritical Distance,forFirst Person Scholar.He was in town and came by my house to talk games;we ended up in my loft,where I keep the boardgame collection and do boardbepaly官网平game design,talking about abstract games and their rich history.You can just barely see the arcade machine off to the left there;it's got a huge chunk of videogaming history emulated on it.

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