Sep 28 2016

Irecently had the chance to sit down withMarkee Dragon,during AGC.It was at the offices where they are makingCrowfall,but we didn't really talk aboutCrowfall.Instead,we talked about… fish tanks.

Or more exactly,about bepaly官网平game design in general,and then about how there are systems in the world around us which provide inspiration,and how a lot of them,like gardening,just have really bad user interfaces.Which led us to fish tanks,and the rich and complex game system that exists in one.So we kind of started designing that game right there on the fly.

It was a highly entertaining conversation,for me at least — and now Markee has released the video,so maybe it's entertaining for you too!

Sep 25 2016

slide1 Here it is,in all its mathy glory:Gritty Systems Design for Retention.

I barely pulled off getting this one done in time.I knew what I wanted the shape of it to be,largely prompted by some of the design choices I saw inPokemon Go.But I also knew it would involve an awful lot of spreadsheet work and an awful lot of graphs.And I wanted to make those graphs real,not just sketches,so that people could walk through the math and see how it worked.

So — I had notes,but then worked from 10pm to 3am the night before,and then from 9am to 2pm the day it was supposed to be delivered.I don't recommend cutting it quite this close (the talk was at 4:45,so I finished with not quite three hours to spare).

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Sep 11 2016

Iwrote this in the days immediately after 9/11.I recorded it onto a 4 track cassette recorder,basically live,then overdubbed some harmony vocals I was hearing in my head.

It's a sketch.It's way way long.It's tentative.Pretty sure the whole thing is all sped up slightly,so if I sound a little chipmunk-like,这就是为什么。

Somehow,it's always felt like recording it again would lose the immediacy.So I never have,and I fact I just about never play it.But if there's a day to post it,it's probably today.

The stories in the song are all true.